About Skaginn 3X

For us, food quality is everything. We offer a wide range of innovative chilling and food processing solutions, designed to maximize the product quality such as increased freshness, yield, faster processing, and efficiency.

Ensuring that you are using your resources to their highest potential, we are experts in designing innovative solutions with the most advanced technology available on the market at any time.

Who we are

Skaginn 3X took its current shape when two companies Skaginn hf and 3X Technology ehf joined forces, making Skaginn 3X a company with strong roots in the Icelandic seafood sector and the ability to work on an international level.

The company has decades of experience in producing food processing equipment, providing a wide range of solutions for food processors and its mission is to be a leading company in the design and development of chilling, freezing and food processing solutions.

The company’s main operations are located in Akranes, Isafjordur and Reykjavik, Iceland with facilities totalling 15.000 square meters (160.000 sq. feet) allowing rigorous pre-delivery tests on all systems and equipment.
Skaginn 3X has a team of dedicated long term employees with degrees and experience in engineering, software and fisheries.

Our strength lies in our innovative company culture and our dedication to work close with our customers to meet their requirements, offering them solutions that brings value to their business.

who we are




Mailing address

• Skaginn hf
• Þorgeir & Ellert hf
Bakkatún 26
300 Akranes
Tel.: +354 430 2000


Mailing address

• Skaginn 3X
Goðanesi 2
603 Akureyri
Tel.: +354 896 4124   


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• 3X Technology ehf
Sindragata 5
400 Ísafjörður
Tel.: +354 450 5000


Mailing address

• Skaginn 3X
Grandagarði 16
101 Reykjavík
Tel.: +354 430 2000


Arni Carlsen
Tel.: +298 21 89 00
Email: arni@njord.fo

Norðurrás 19, Tórshavn 
Faroe Islands

Eyðfinn Egholm
Tel.: +45 30 50 00 84
Email: eydfinn@njord.fo

Farum Gydevej 65, 3520 Farum Denmark

Valeri Akbashev
Tel.: +7 985 9281463
Email: v.akbashev@njordrus.ru

Moscow, Russia

Haraldur Árnason
Tel.: +354 834 7200
Email: haraldur@knarr.is

Lágmúla 5, 108 Reykjavík